"Lovewell: The Man Who Was the West” can be downloaded inexpensively from the Apple Bookstore.  Formatted for the moment exclusively as an electronic book, it is compatible with all iPads and with Mac operating systems.

The intersection of potential readers interested in learning more about Thomas Lovewell, and people with iPads is probably a small one.  However, the format yields one notable advantage:  since this is a work in progress, as the search for information turns up more discoveries about Thomas and his family, free updates are flagged in your electronic bookshelf.

Eventually it will join an actual shelf of real books, the kind that can be thumbed through and become dog-eared, written about the Lovewell family and the settling of the White Rock valley.  All of the titles listed in the sidebar, a few of them first published in the 1930’s, are still available for purchase.  Most are easily acquired by ordering online.  For fans of electronic literature, “The Scalp Hunters” can also be downloaded to a Kindle.  The standard volume on the subject, “The Lovewell Family,” can be checked out electronically from and read on any computer screen.

Besides having a large repository of free electronic books, also functions much as a traditional library does.  Members sign up for free accounts, and a book such as “The Lovewell Family,” which is available only for lending, must be returned to its virtual spot in the stacks before the next patron can check it out.  So, if the book isn’t waiting for you on your first visit, be patient.  It will show up eventually. 

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